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Contract Propagation

At Spektrum Culture, we do contract propagation of plants in-vitro.

We can produce most plants in-vitro at a reasonable cost for the wholesale nursery, agriculture, bio fuel, and bio mass industry.

There are many reasons why plant tissue culture is necessary, here is just a few.

  • Mass propagation of plants in a short period of time
  • Uniformity in crops, all plants are exact clones of each other.
  • Plants are free from disease
  • Crops can be easily timed to a strict production schedule
  • Freight costs are generally much lower for plants in-vitro

We do not charge any set up or start up fee’s however any new plant variety accepted by our production manager must have a minimum production run of 10,000 plants.
The end cost per plant is usually $0.65 – $0.75 per plant +GST

There are times that some plants are not suited for plant tissue culture, however most plant that are commercially available are.

If you are interested to find out if we can micro-propagate your plant variety, please fill out the contract propagation form.